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 Panel Discussion at the Lit Youngstown

2022 Fall Festival

Saturday, Oct 22. 9:45-10:45

"How to Get Somewhere Without Going There: 

Writing Authentically about Place"

Marjorie Maddox, Marion Starling Boyer, Barbara Sabol

Reading Contemporary Poetry

In this workshop we will read together and discuss three poetic masters writing in very different ways about what is off-center, imperfect, tattered or strange. First, we will read Bonfire Opera and discuss how Danusha Laméris uses lyricism to express grief and rapture for the imperfect world. Secondly, we will turn to Diane Seuss’s Still Life with Two Dead Peacocks and a Girl to examine the tension she creates between what is unlovely and in a gilded frame. Finally, we will read how Tracy K. Smith’s Life on Mars uses science, humor and science fiction to transport us to the stars. No matter how familiar you are with poetry we invite you to an open and welcoming conversation. In addition, every session will offer several generative writing prompts based on the topics and poetic style illustrated in each of the three books

Lit Cleveland Zoom Workshop
October 11, October 25, and November 8 
1:00 – 3:00
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